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  • How much does it cost to enter a car?
    We have 2 different registration levels for 2024. It is $40 for general registration and $50 for the John Dixon Honor Row or the Concours competition. Late and Day of Registration will be $55. Pre-Registration closes a few days before the show.
  • Does it cost for spectators?
    No. Spectators are free. Enjoy looking at all of the cars! Bring your family and friends. There is only a fee to enter if you are entering a car in the designated show area.
  • What are the Concours Classes Descriptions?
    Below is information about the Concours portion of the show for 2024: All Concours Group cars are judged by PCA trained judges using score sheets and current PCR Rules. Here is a LINK to review the category descriptions and judging sheets. *Cars entered into the Concours group are not eligible for the Popular Vote categories. Concours Group/Class Descriptions: Preparation Classes: Originality is not judged in any preparation class. Street Preparation Class You have maintained to the best of your ability a show room like condition of the interior and exterior. We do not judge your front bonnet/trunk, engine compartment, glove box, center console, or undercarriage. A car in this class looks like you just took delivery of it and should have no personal items on display. EXAMPLE - A garage door remote on your visor would not be part of your delivery, so judging points would be deducted. Touring Preparation Class See Preparation Street Class description above, plus we will judge your trunk, engine compartment, and interior storage/center console/glove box. We do not judge tool kits or spare tires. EXAMPLE - tire pressure gauge in your glove box would not be part of your delivery, so judging points would be deducted.
  • What awards will be given out at this show?
    Popular Vote: Awards are given out by car model. Models with 6+ entries are awarded 1-3rd place brick awards. Models with 5 and fewer entries are awarded one 1st place brick award. Concours: The 1st place car and an Honorable Mention will be awarded for each group. Sponsor Choice: Each Sponsor shall present an RBR Award Brick for their favorite RBR Porsche selected.
  • Who can vote in the Popular Vote?
    Each registered car is provided with a ballot. This means the voting is done by other Porsche enthusiasts who have paid to enter the show.
  • Where is the show entrance and where are the show parking areas?
    Show entrace location: 2 N. Main St. Oxford, OH 45056 (just next to Skyline and Chipotle)
  • Is there trailer parking?
    Yes. We have arranged trailer parking about 2 blocks away from the show. It is best to call us and reserve a spot in the lot, instead of trailering in the day of show. Contact Kim Daggy to reserve your trailer spot: 513-523-8687 or
  • Who benefits from the show proceeds?
    Partial proceeds from the show benefit the American Cancer Society in honor of John Dixon and other charities.
  • How do I get a booth at the show?
    Booths are provided for show sponsors. To become a show sponsor, contact Kim Daggy at or 513-523-8687.
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